Swiss Première

4th May, 2015

Icelandic bass-baritone Andri Björn Róbertsson performs the role of Fedja Dawidowitsch Pronin in the Swiss première of the opera, Fälle by French Argentine composer, Oscar Strasnoy with International Opera Studio, Zürich.

Andri, who has been a member of the IOS in Zurich for the past year, tells us about this new work, which opens in Zurich on 8th May:

"Working on Fälle has been a great experience and always interesting to work on recently composed contemporary operas. The opera, by Oscar Strasnoy, is put together from short stories by Daniil Charms, the protagonist of the Soviet avant-garde who was deported in 1942 by the Soviet regime. The short stories are about people in different situations, some grotesque, other sardonic and even witty, and their dealings with the state police. In this production, the whole opera is based on my character, Fedja Dawidowitsch Pronin's suppressed memories or even nightmares. Its surreal nature makes it really difficult to separate what is the truth and what isn't, which ultimately drives him to attempt to take his own life, but instead results with him having to witness the death of his friends and his loved ones. A touching, thought-provoking experience and really different theatre!"

Fälle opens at the Studiobühne, Opernhaus Zürich on 8 May at 19.00, with further performances on 10 May, 12 May, 16 May, 19 May, 21 May.